Top 5 Phone Spy Apps without access to target phone

There are so many spy apps that finding the best one may look impossible.

On the other hand, there are a few apps of this type which stand out from the crowd.

We tested more than 100 apps and made a list of top 5.

The best Phone spy app is here, so be free to download it and use it.

  1. MxSpy

Android users will appreciate this app especially.

First of all, it comes with a one-time payment, which isn’t very affordable, but there are no additional fees.

Then, we have a variety of features available.

The spy app allows you to keep track of messages, spy calls, block the device, view browsing history, and files on a device.

Using the app is standard.

Download it and install it on the targeted device.

That’s it. We tested it on iOS devices, but we believe it is slightly better for Android smartphones.


  • One-time payment
  • No hidden fees
  • GPS and browsing history are available
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • The payment is high
  • Lack of updates
  • Isn’t so great for iOS devices
  1. Copy9

Without any doubt, this is the best spy phone app out there.

For some of you, it may one of the best. Reasons are simple.

There are so many features, including a keylogger, 24/7 support, doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting and etc.

In essence, it allows you to track all what happens on the targeted device.

Just to add, a targeted device is a smartphone where the app will be installed.

After the installation, the app is ready to use.

You can use one license to use the app on one device, but you can deactivate it and use it on another phone.

A Million users use this app!


  • Rich in features
  • Device doesn’t have to be jailbroken or rooted
  • Available in three different plans
  • Easy to use


  • Premium plan is expensive
  • Basically, you can use it on one device only
  1. iKeyMonitor

Perhaps the name sounds like this is the simplest mobile spy app out there and it certainly is.

Basically, the app will record the keystrokes which have been made on the targeted device and then send the data to your smartphone via email.

It also takes screenshots when you want and sends them as well.

There is a free trial (3 days), but you can purchase the app for one month or for two years.


  • All data is received on your email
  • Records all messages and all data
  • Periodical license is available
  • Stable app
  • Free trial


  • Two-year subscription is expensive
  • Works only on rooted and jailbroken devices
  1. 9SpyApps

This app was used as a spy app but due to new regulations, it now must place an icon on the screen of a device, which made it a parental app, primarily.

Nevertheless, it allows you to block access to files, apps, and services.

It also allows you to block the access to a smartphone during the specific time frame.

Alerts you when a vulgar word was used.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for parents
  • Supported by iOS and Android
  • Cool and impressive features


  • Icon must be visible at all times on home screen
  • Lack of some more advanced features
  1. FlexiSPY

The FlexiSPY is a mobile spy alternative that comes in two flavors. There are two versions of it.

The first one is the premium, where you get all essential features, just as GPS positioning, view files, read messages and etc.

Extreme version allows you to record calls, intercept them and do much more.

We must add that the app works only on rooted and jailbroken devices, which is mandatory if you know that there are some features other apps don’t support.

Using is the same as with other apps.

The user will monitor the data using a control panel on his personal device.


  • Loaded with features
  • Can intercept calls
  • Activates the camera
  • GPS positioning
  • Reads all messages


  • Very expensive
  • Works only on rooted and jailbroken devices


Regardless of which features you actually need, these apps will be ready to offer them to you as soon as possible.

They are premium apps, which means that they come with premium features, obviously.