Fighting Against Viruses | Protect Your PC from Viruses

For the past few weeks, managing over a dozen computers at the office, I was in a battle against viruses, malware, and spyware. We used one of the best anti virus and firewall program–ESET Nod32/Smart Security Suite. Yes, it IS one of the best. However, if one is not careful enough in downloading files, using removable drives such as Flash Disks and USB, then the virus can still get in.

I’ve gone up against CaSir, Alman, Brontok, Kagwang, SilentSoftTech, and other tough viruses that are very difficult to remove once they get into your system.

Using Safe Mode and MSCONFIG. The first tool in fighting against viruses is by using the Safe Mode for Windows. You can access your safe mode by rebooting, and repeatedly pressing F8 until you encounter a prompt screen where you can choose to run Windows in Safe Mode. Go to this site: android spy app remote installation

Once in the safe mode, click on Start gt; Run and type msconfig. Click on Start Up. This should take you to a list of programs that run on start up. Remove the checks on programs that look suspicious. Once you’re satisfied, click on apply.

Using HiJack This and RRT. Sometimes the safe mode and MSCONFIG do not work because the virus has already disabled your Task Bar and your registry editor. Furthermore, if you try running msconfig, it will automatically shut down the window. If this happens, do a restart, get HiJack This, and also download RRT.

HiJack This is a software that allows you to stop suspicious programs from running at startup. RRT, on the other hand, allows you to remove restrictions on missing Folder Options, firewall access, disabled Task Manager, and a lot more other problems.

Using ComboFix and SDFix. For Alman, JambanMu, and Almanahe virus, you can use ComboFix and SDFix. DO NOT RUN ComboFix AND SDFix AT THE SAME TIME! It might cause your computer not to respond! First, run ComboFix and let it finish. Do a restart and go to Safe Mode. Then run SDFix to extract the files, and go to where the files are extracted and run RunThis.bat. Wait for the program to finish, and restart.

Using ESET SmartSecurity or Nod32. ESET is by far the best and lightest antivirus I’ve used so far, and I’ve tried Kaspersky, AVAST, AVG, Trend PCCillin, Norton, McAfee, and so on. Make sure that it is updated, and run a scan on your computer. Once you’ve removed troublesome CaSir viruses (viruses that once it gets into your system, no antivirus can normally remove) it should remove the other viruses.

Using Faronics Deep Freeze to protect your computer. One way to ensure that your computer is protected is by using Deep Freeze. This will “freeze” a drive, such that all the changes made to a drive will be removed after rebooting. You can “freeze” your system drive, and assign another partition where you can save your files. This way, you Windows system won’t be infected. You need visit this link: android spy app remote installation

Using Linux as an Operating System. Well, if you’re tired of all the viruses, malware, spyware, and Trojans, maybe you should consider using Linux as your operating system. Linux has no such problems. It does take a bit of getting used to, but it’s quite easy to use once you’ve spent some time with it, and it’s free, open source software.