Android Phone Hack: How To Use zANTI for hacking cell Phone

This is an Android Network Toolkit that is designed by Zimperium. This pentest tool is designed by a white hacker called Itzhack Avraham and Kevin Mitnick. The app is free but you can access additional features through their credit system; in addition they have zscore system of keeping points. Zanti has received a lot of positive reviews from phone hack websites.

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Zanti Features

  1. Zanti is quite suited to security managers who are able access the security risk of a network at a click of a button. IT security administrators can simulate advanced attacker to find out the malicious techniques they use to compromise the companies network. This lets you do a fully comprehensive network audit.
  2. With the use of full customizable network reconnaissance scans you can uncover authentication, backdoor and brute force attacks.
  3. Security officers are able to diagnose the organizations network and find vulnerabilities within mobile devices or websites using host penetration tests including password cracking, metasploit and man in the middle (MITM).
  4. Through zConsole you are able to highlight gaps in your network and valuate mobile defenses and then produce reports through the cloud based reporting system. By mirroring cyber-attacks you can identify security loopholes within your system.

Zanti has a very interactive user interface that lets you produce an automated network map which shows where your network is vulnerable. You can also change a device MAC address and modify HTTP requests and responses. You can also create a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot with the hijacked HTTP sessions, making it a top mobile hacking app.

This is one of the best ROOT tool for android hackers. Even using a low spec Samsung Galaxy Y we still could not find any bugs on it. The penetration testing can also be used to check java vulnerability.

The various pentest options available include:

  • Network map
  • Port discovery
  • Packet manipulation
  • Sniffer
  • Man in the middle (MITM)
  • Pentest DoS Vulnerabilities
  • Password Complexity Audit

This is how it works, when you log in to Zanti it maps out your entire network. It will show you all sites visited and their cookies. The app will switch on MAC gateway in clients gateway. When wired to clients PC you can see all their network traffic. It also comes with nmap menu that lets you run several levels of scanning in an attempt to detect OS and service identification.

Hackers are able to do the following things through zanti:

  • Change a device MAC address
  • Create a malicious WiFi hotspot
  • Hijack HTTP sessions
  • Capture downloads
  • Modify HTTP requests and responses
  • Exploit routers
  • Audit passwords
  • Check device for shellshock and SSL poodle vulnerability

This is an excellent tool for network administrators to check the vulnerability of their networks. Since you can do simulations IT officers can seal loopholes before hackers find them. The app is quite stable and the parent company has taken great steps to remove bugs.

But in the same way It Officers use the app to protect their networks hackers have been able to use the app to infiltrate company networks with low security. The app has a friendly user interface that is very easy to use. The application is free but you pay extra for additional features. Hacking cell phone networks has never been easier with zanti.