Keylogger for Android: Best 10 Programs and Setup Directions

There may be another reason why you want a keylogger to get Android smartphone or some other apparatus.

In case you’ve determined that you want such applications, it means that you will need some help to create a ideal option.

The wide variety of free keylogger for Android is enormous, and such software obtained through rapid development from simple keystrokes trackers to powerful spying forces which even James Bond would like to get in his arsenal.

There are tons of paid and free programs.

A number of these programs also have two variations, and it’s highly suggested to utilize the paid one at the situation you want the reliability and wider assortment of attributes.

However, a excellent free keylogger for Android could be an ideal option at the beginning.

Spying software also functions with different operating systems — Windows, Android, iOS, etc..

A number of them encourage multiple mobile and computer OS versions.

One more thing that you need to think about is conspiracy choices.

The majority of the free models you may download from the web for free are observable and readily detectable to the consumers of the target device.

To maintain a secret of a smartphone being tracked, you need to purchase software using a stealth mode accessible.

Easy Spy

Easy Spy is one of these reliable keyloggers it is simple to locate and download online from any portion of Earth.

It’s a lot of helpful features that will create any user fulfilled.

You do not have to have any particular abilities to use this program since it’s extremely simple to use and contains a user friendly interface.

It’ll be possible to observe your child, partner or employee with a whole lot of great characteristics that are odd with free keylogger for Android, however quite high-quality for this one.

It is possible to track any device with no probability of being identified.

The stealth manner on this program works just ideal. This program deals with all of text messages and may detect even those ones that are deleted.

It’s available at a sensible cost of $69.99 as a one-time fee.

You may enjoy its functionality because there aren’t any issues with the program development as stated various testimonials we discovered on the internet.

All of the upgrades of this program are liberated.


  • Simple to use and transparent interface
  • Plenty of useful attributes of the Maximum caliber
  • ┬áNo cost to utilize upgrades


  • Tracking Process is feeble
  • The cost is not the cheapest one


SurePoint is the program plenty of Android users adored because of its simplicity and easiness of usage.

It’s well known with its reliability and also being a demanding spying solution fitting different requirements of its clients.

It’s compatible with the two most popular operating systems — both Android and iOS.

The setup procedure is quite straightforward and will take you only a couple of moments to be carried out.

The keylogger Android functions with all text formats and also tracks instant messengers: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, along with many others.

You are able to monitor all passwords into the social networking accounts and those societal websites entirely.

SurePoint is the very best thing that you may get to monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

The tracking method is straightforward and may be controlled by the front panel of your accounts on the official program’s web site. It’s available at the cost of $29.99 a month.


  • User-friendly port to command the target apparatus
  • Characteristics are helpful as well as the purpose
  • Limitations into the specific content and applications can be found


  • Terrible GPS place tracker
  • Can not be set up remotely

Spy Era

Spy Era is just another famed point on the list.

It’s absolutely compatible with Android without any particular difficulties.

This program offers you a chance to track any goal Android cellphone and protects your children from online risks.

You can easily take a look at the target telephone user activity online and any other activities that he or she plays through the gadget.

The online browser tracker functions here just ideal.

Additionally, Spy Era copes with GPS location monitoring.

The upgrade of the present location often isn’t quite as fast as it needs to be, but it works pretty correctly.

The program also includes a free version to test as a trial.


  • Alert Wizard
  • Live telephone overhearing & recording
  • VoIP screen
  • Photographs, videos, and audios access
  • Reputable stealth style


  • Slow GPS place update
  • Does Not block software


This program is well known among parental management consumers.

We recommend to use its intense variant. It’s possible to send one message and obstruct the whole target telephone.

That’s the reason why parents adore this program so much.

The time limiter can also be available here by default.

You are able to block specific content or applications with the assistance of a pair of filters that are special.

MMGuardian can be obtained with a totally free 14-day trial.

If you would like to obtain the complete edition, the cost is 50.

It’s the ideal alternative if you would like a keylogger to get Android free.


  • Simple to use tool to get the program
  • Provides various questions for your child to unblock the telephone
  • Distinct ages profiles accessible


  • Tracking Process is feeble
  • Plenty of personal data is demanded


PhoneSherrif is famous as among the most effective spy programs on the modern industry.

Additionally, we ought to state that it’s fairly tricky to put in it if you’ve got permanent access to the target telephone.

However, for people who wish to understand what’s a true spy electricity on the market, this app is the best match to test.

The cost is fair, but you ought to be prepared to a really complex installation procedure.


  • Time limiter to control Your Children
  • Internet browser background is easy to log and track
  • GPS place tracker works flawlessly and contains a special alarm signal


  • Setup Procedure is complex
  • It’s Tough to Take Care of filters and a few other attributes

Highster Mobile

This program will match your requests flawlessly to track your local or Android PC.

It monitors all of the actions on the monitor.

So you receive any significant information from any app, messenger, browser, etc..

You may receive all of the info on your Android or email smartphone.

The principal benefits of the keylogger Android are on its reliability, user-friendly interface, and also the fact which you could purchase it at an affordable price — just $29.99 a month.

It’s not difficult to look after your children before letting them know about the observation procedure.

In the event that you hadn’t ever used such applications earlier, this remote keylogger for Android would surprise you with its simplicity and easiness in use.


  • GPS place tracker functions with no flaws and contains good precision
  • User-friendly port and tracking procedure is easy
  • Blocking feature is just one of the very useful on the industry
  • Works together with non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads. It’s a distant keylogger for Android


  • The cost is not so realistic
  • Isn’t able to put time limits for specific programs


This is just another fantastic example of easy-to-use keylogger Android applications that will make you feel as a true spy.

FlexiSPY main objective is parental management and company safety (to monitor your employees’ action in their corporate apparatus).

However, it readily copes with stealth functions.

It’s a simple spy program used to monitor phones place, assess text messages, etc..

It’s all but impossible to find its presence onto a device, in case your intended individual doesn’t suspect any observation, you might be calm and hope FlexiSpy free of uncertainty.


  • Simple to use interface
  • Setup Procedure takes Just a Couple of moments
  • Blocking feature works excellent


  • Doesn’t Have Any geofencing feature
  • Some applications and choices are complex to Take Care of
  • Activity logs Are Extremely complex


XNSPY is a paid application, but before buying you can try demo version.

It’s simple in use even for the inexperienced person and may be a beneficial tool for both parents or little enterprise.

This program tracks the place of their telephone, incoming and outgoing messages and document telephone calls.

The program can be used with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

If you would like to monitor tasks on the smart phone of your goal, it is sufficient to install fundamental variant which costs just $8.33 a month.


  • Tracking Process Is Extremely strong
  • Broad selection of attributes and tracking paints
  • The cost Is Quite reasonable


  • Not Straightforward to set up
  • Can not block particular telephone numbers
  • Time limiting attribute is feeble

Vehicle Forward Spy

The title of this program speaks for itself.

This is a great case of all-purpose monitoring spy tool which you can download and set up in your own Android as readily as you can.

The selection of its attributes is impressive.

It can monitor all of the keystrokes and track any apps launched and utilized around the Android smartphone or tablet pc.

You will easily get any passwords, emails, browser history, URLs, and also some other private data that went to the gadget.

The reports of Automobile Forward Spy are exhibited in your smartphone or PC.

It’s the ideal instrument to control the job of your workers and also to look at your children.


  • Excellent tracking attributes
  • Deals with all kinds of messages
  • Location tracker with geofencing and panic button.


  • The cost is too Large
  • Location tracker functions with flaws and slow upgrades


This program is among the easiest kinds of spy software for mobile tracking.

It runs on the two popular operating systems. It is simple to use it to the computer.

It’ll track GPS place of your goal, assess text messages and document telephone calls.

The background on keystrokes will be stored even when the user has deleted it.


  • Works without bodily setup
  • Works using non-jailbroken iPhones
  • Amazing Collection of attributes


  • Some attributes are similar to those more affordable programs have
  • The cost Isn’t the smallest one in the Marketplace

Purposes of Using Free Keylogger for Android

The reasons to use keylogger program can be different.

The history of these keylogger apps began with offenders used such applications to steal passwords and private information in their victims.

An ordinary user treats keylogger programs as an effective instrument for monitoring their personal devices.

Employing spy program with GPS monitoring feature in your telephone, it is easy to find it in case it had been stolen.

All keylogger programs handle pretty the very same tasks.

Even that free undetectable keylogger for Android has exactly the exact roots if folks were using those keyloggers to discover other people’s passwords.

However, these times, personal requirements and maintenance of your household get the principal function of spy programs.

Everybody has his own reason to utilize keyloggers and here are couple of main of these.

Three Main Types of Keylogger Users

Children and whole family protection

There are scenarios if parents get completely nuts of how their children act, who affects them, what exactly are they performing in situations they aren’t at home.

This is the opportunity to some professional spy program to get into the point. Utilize GPS place tracker to discover where your child is in this time.

Use messages observation to read your complete son’ or kid secrets. And the list can go on.

Your partner is cheating on you

Mothers have problems also linked to their private life but not simply only children.

If you’re jealous or always suspecting your partner on cheating on you personally, there’s not any greater way to learn the truth than the spying program.

Prove you are right or dismiss all of your doubts away.

It’s extremely straightforward to do if you’re utilizing a skilled and dependable keystroke logger for Android.

Control your workers and their action in the workplace

Any boss or supervisor has one or even more workers which are always late.

It’s possible to use a corporate telephone with installed Android keylogger to restrain her or his GPS place prior to the job.

Additionally, it’s not difficult to secure your corporate information and establish a worker promoting it to your opponents. You are able to try out a free invisible keylogger to get Android inside this circumstance.


It became hugely popular with parents that wish to guard their kids if they’re online.

Additionally, this program became attractive for companies.

Bosses and supervisors wish to find out that their employees use corporate apparatus such as working purposes only.

And those programs we discussed here would be ideal spying tools to covetous men and women that wish to understand all about their spouses.

Tell us what your primary reason to utilize Android key logger is. Please use the comment section below.